6 of the best ways to deal with a hangover

There’s nothing worse than waking up after a night of drinking with a throbbing headache and feeling sick all day. So, here are a couple of hangover tips that I hope help you feel a little better and help you recover:

  1. Make sure you drink lots of water, keeping hydrated will definitely help you. As drinking alcohol can leave dehydrated and feeling exhausted.
  2. Drink fruit juice (fresh apple/ orange juice etc.), this will help your body replenish minerals and be able to recover a little more easily.
  3. Make sure you eat food, if you do this it should help you feel better and help your stomach settle. Something such as a banana or food with potassium as you loose potassium from your body when drinking.
  4. Have a nap, chances are you were out until late and your body needs rest to recover. Plus who doesn’t love a good nap.
  5. Make sure you keep yourself occupied, whether its something as simple as watching TV, you’ll feel better if you aren’t thinking about the hangover.
  6. Take some painkillers, take the correct amount as what the packet of painkillers tells you and hopefully your headache, stomach ache, etc. shouldn’t feel as bad.

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