5 of the most ridiculous conspiracy theories

Lately I’ve been taking an interest in some exceptionally odd conspiracy theories. Well, they’re odd if you don’t believe them, but I guess if you do believe them I’m probably about to offend you. But let’s be honest, some of these are outrageously wild theories without much evidence to back them up. Let’s take a look:

1. Flat Earthers

The year is 2018 and people still believe the earth is flat. Yes that’s right, people still actually believe the earth is flat. The Greek philosopher Aristotle knew the earth was round over 2000 years ago, so how is it that, despite all the indisputable evidence, people have their wild theories that the earth is somehow flat? There are a million and one ways to explain why the earth is round and not flat, but it seems those who think we live on a flat earth lack a basic understanding of science and are so paranoid that they think millions and millions of people are colluding together to teach us the earth is round. Whenever I see a flat earth video, they always try to disprove a globe earth, but not once have I seen someone try to prove a flat earth (perhaps because it’s impossible seen as our planet IS A GLOBE). Their experiments are flawed, their knowledge of science is poor and they are so arrogant that they refuse to listen to undeniable evidence. They deny picture evidence claiming they are fake, they say there is no curve because you can’t see it (actually, you’re too close to see it) and they even say that gravity doesn’t exist. Which leads me on to…

2. Gravity Doesn’t Exist

Take a ball and throw it in the air. What happens? It falls to the floor, right? That’s because of a little thing I’m sure you’re aware of called gravity. Well, according to some people, most of which are probably flat earth believers, gravity doesn’t exist. They claim the reason that things fall to the ground is because of density; a ball falls through air because the ball is denser than the air. A hugely popular question posed by non-gravity believers is “why don’t clouds fall?”. Clouds don’t fall because, while they weigh over 1.1 million pounds CUMULATIVELY on average, individually their weight is so small that the effect of gravity is negligible. There have been many experiments that prove the existence of gravity, but once again these conspiracy theorists deny all the evidence without providing any of their own. If density is responsible for things falling to earth, how do you explain geotropism?

3. Lizard People

A few years ago a poll found that around 12 million Americans believe that there are “lizard people” who came to our planet thousands of years ago and that many world leaders such as Queen Elizabeth, George W. Bush and the Clintons are all in fact lizard people. Apparently these lizard people desire world domination. But how do we know who is a lizard person? Well apparently things such as hair colour and eye colour can help determine this. Let’s hope these guys are wrong and that we don’t have lizard people running our governments.

4. The Earth Is Hollow

I don’t really know where to start with this one. So apparently there are actual humans who think that our earth is hollow. Erm, right. I think there are a few different theories with this one, with some claiming that the stars and sun are on the inside while the countries are all on the outside facing in. However others claim that the north and south pole are entries to the middle of the earth where there are entire races of creatures living inside the earth. Of course, this is absolute nonsense.

5. Chemtrails

You know those big white trails left by planes when they fly overhead? Well they are condensation trails or “contrails” created by aeroplanes and rockets at high altitudes. Well according to some people, the trails are actually “chemtrails”, which are chemical trails used by the government to control the weather. However not all chemtrail theorists claim this, with some claiming that scientists are secretly poisoning us or that powerful groups are using the chemicals to make us all easy to control. The world just keeps getting even more and more paranoid.

I love reading about conspiracy theories, but these ones may be going a bit too far. If I had to choose which one of these 5 theories is the most ridiculous, I would definitely have to say the flat earthers take the trophy. Which one do you think is the worst? Let us know in the comments or by getting in touch, but also let us know if there are any other conspiracy theories we could include on another list.

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