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At the time of writing, I have returned from a weekend away at the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District with my girlfriend and blog partner, Amber. I visited the Lake District a few times when I was younger but I do not remember much at all. I have always heard how beautiful it is there and in the Dales, but words can not describe how sensational it is in both those places.

We wanted to go on a kind of road trip holiday so that we were not having to go back to the same hotel every night, because that would limit how far we could travel each day. We live in Barnsley, South Yorkshire so it was not too long a drive up to the Yorkshire Dales, which is where we started our journey.

We visited Aysgarth Falls first on Friday, which was quite pretty, although I feel as though it may look better once there has been a bit more rain, because the heatwave has left lakes and rivers a little dried up in England at the moment. However, the walk along the riverside was a lovely one. We drove from there to Jervaulx Abbey, which would have been better if not for the rain (it had started raining quite heavy at this point). We then went from the Abbey to our hotel in Catterick Garrison before we spent a lovely evening in Richmond.

Saturday was perhaps my favourite day of the weekend. We visited Richmond again in the morning to grab some breakfast and look around the shops. Next we drove to Castle Bolton (first image below), and we were greeted by a beautiful view once we had reached the top of the castle (second image below). After the castle, we simply drove around the Yorkshire Dales for a few hours, enjoying the gorgeous views, the snaking roads, the stone walls, the many sheep that often liked to roam into the road and most of all, the lack of other drivers on the road. Our drive led us to Ingleton falls, where we walked next to the rivers, through the forests and past the falls for over 2 hours (third and fourth image below). It was such a gorgeous walk; I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the outdoors and who enjoys walking. Finally, we made our way to our hotel in Ulverston where we enjoyed a lovely evening out eating and drinking again.



Saturday was our last day in the Dales, so on Sunday we travelled to the Lake District. As the Lake District is so large, we did not get to see everything there is to see there, but the the things we did see were absolutely stunning. We visited Coniston water first, which was one of my favourite places we visited all weekend (first image below). I could have stayed their all day, it was quiet and the view was just amazing. We decided not to stay though, so we again decided to drive around for a few hours. We saw some more amazing views. The Lake District is filled with even more beautiful roads, hills, valleys, lakes and rivers than the Yorkshire Dales is (second and third image below). We continued to drive around, and eventually we went to see some alpacas. There, we visited a lovely cafe but sadly we did find the alpacas, but we did see many dogs (we love dogs). We drove around some more after that, but soon we were getting tired and hungry so we decided to head to our 3rd and final hotel destination in Kendal.


Monday was our final day, and it was a fairly short one (excluding the excruciatingly long drive home). We wanted to visit a small village name Ambleside which we had driven through the day before on our way to Kendal, so we checked out of our hotel and headed that way. It was a very cute village with many cafe’s, pubs, guest houses, hotels and small shops. It was not far from Lake Windermere either, so also got to see the lake. We spent our morning exploring this small village, then once we had finished we drove around the lake and went to an aquarium. This was to be our final destination, so once we had finished there we set off on our 3 hour drive back home.

All in all, I had an amazing weekend and some of the places we saw were breathtaking. Whether you live in Britain or in another country, I would definitely recommend that you visit the Lake District if you ever get the chance, and while you are there you could always visit the Yorkshire Dales as well.

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