15 of the greatest artists in music

So, we’ve done 15 of the greatest TV shows ever and we’ve done 15 of the greatest films ever (check them out if you haven’t already). Well today we bring you… 15 of the greatest artists in music! As with the other two posts, this list is my opinion, meaning that many people may disagree with the artists I put on my list. In fact I would be willing to bet that most people actually disagree with most of the bands I put on here. That is what I think makes music great though; the fact that there are so many artists creating so much music, and almost every individual has a different taste in music to the people they know. So let’s get into this list of 15 of the greatest artists in music:

1. Led Zeppelin

2. Muse

3. Imagine Dragons 

4. Red Hot Chilli Peppers 

5. Queen

6. Linkin Park

7. Nothing But Thieves

8. Foo Fighters

9. Twenty One Pilots

10. Green Day

11. Thirty Seconds To Mars

12. Bastille

13. Guns N’ Roses 

14. Jimi Hendrix

15. Ludovico Einaudi 

Some of these artists have very different styles, but I like to think I listen to wide range of music genres. I hope some of you agree with certain artists on my list, but I appreciate that lots of people won’t even agree with 1 of them. In that case, let us know what some of your favourite artists are in the comments.

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