The world’s most beautiful travel destinations

Oh how badly I want to go travelling around the world. There is nothing I want more than travel to some of the most beautiful destinations on earth, if only I had the time and the money. Hopefully soon my dream will be realised and I can visit some of the places below. If you happen to be lucky enough to travel, then here are destinations which I think look like some of the most beautiful places on earth:

1. Machu Picchu 

Located in the Andes Mountains in Peru, this Incan citadel was built in the 15th century and abandoned in the late 16th century. It looks absolutely gorgeous and is without a doubt ranked number one on my bucket list.

2. Singapore

Singapore is a city-state located in southeast Asia. It is one of the prettiest cities in the world, and with landmarks such as the famous Merlion and Gardens by the Bay it is definitely a place I want to visit at the earliest opportunity.

3. Reunion 

This small French island can be found between Mauritius and Madagascar. It is great for hiking and it has an active volcano, beautiful infrastructure and amazing villages to look at. I like to think of this island as a hidden gem because there aren’t many people at all who have heard of this place.

4. Amalfi Coast

This is one of two locations on this list which I have actually visited. It was so breathtaking to drive down the 50-kilometre stretch of coastline that I would recommend it to anyone and it is back on my list of places to visit. The sea, mountains, villages and sunshine all combine to make this journey everything that it is – unbelievable.

5. New Zealand

Home to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, New Zealand’s landscapes are amongst the World’s most attractive. If the open plains, lakes, rivers and mountains aren’t enough for you, then you can visit Hobbiton to see where they filmed the Lord of the Rings.

6. Rome

The second location on the list which I have actually visited, I think everyone is aware of the beauty Rome holds. Rome is steeped in history. Wherever you go, every building has a history. Landmarks like the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain and Vatican City (which is actually it’s own country) are nothing short of phenomenal.

7. Venice

Known as the Floating City, Venice has no roads, just canals. Another Italian city steeped in history and home to Saint Mark’s Basilica, Venice is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

8. Iceland

Iceland is one of the most loved and peaceful countries on Earth. It is known for its volcanoes, green countryside, hot springs like the Blue Lagoon, and more recently it’s football team has brought fame to the country. You might want to wrap yourself up if you do go to Iceland, because it can get extremely cold.

9. Niagara Falls

Located on the border between Canada and USA, Niagara Falls has one of the worlds largest waterfalls and it is truly breathtaking.

10. Norway  

Norway, much like New Zealand, is home to an array of stunning mountains, plains, lakes and rivers. Don’t forget you can also see the Norther Lights in Norway as well!

Just writing this list has made me so much more jealous of those who have the great fortune of visiting some of these destinations. I hope you enjoyed reading our post. Let us know if you like our list and tell us some places that are on your bucket list


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