The most annoying things about student libraries

Exam season is here. Everyone is cramming and revising for their upcoming exams. One of the most well known place to do this is in the library. However it can often be found  that there are quite a few setbacks and annoying issues you may find about them, so we made a list of them and here they are:

1. Not being able to find a seat.

You can sometimes spend over 30 minutes trying to find a seat in the library, wandering from floor to floor and room to room. This in itself is highly frustrating. But what makes it worse is when you find tables with bags on them to reserve them, which is fine if someone has just gone to the toilet or gone elsewhere for a small break, but when that table/seat still has a bag on it an hour later it isn’t acceptable, it stops other people from being able to get the work they need to be doing.

2. People talking loudly

It is extremely annoying when you are trying to work and people are talking to each other really loudly. In my university’s library there is a system of different zones.

  • Green: you can talk, a good place for group work.
  • Amber: Be quiet but small amounts of chattering are allowed.
  • Red: Be completely silent.

However more often than not you find people not being quiet in the zones which they should be, this can be stressful when you are trying to concentrate.

3. Loud eating

I get it; you’ve been studying most of the day and need some food. I eat in the library too. However, the most annoying thing is when a loud eater gets a gigantic packet of crisps and it takes them an hour to eat them cause they are just eating one here and there as a snack. For everyone’s sanity please get something to eat that’s not as loud, eat in the cafe or just eat the damn packet of crisps at a reasonable speed.

4. People who fidget

People who fidget continuously in the library feel like a special breed of people out there, to help us lose any sanity we have left. If you are in the silent zone please stop clicking your pen continuously, its just as annoying as them people who sit and whisper.

5. The overpriced cafe in the library

Forgetting to bring food to the library is so irritating, especially when you realise you are going to have to pay about £3.50 for just a sandwich (which is not enough food to sustain a full days studying anyway). It would be amazing if there was a cheaper alternative in the library, even a cheap coffee machine would do miracles rather than having to pay almost £3.00 for that caffeine shot you need to keep going.

Here are the main things that I find annoying in the library. Please let us know if you think of anything else that drives you insane. Thank you for reading!



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