The evolution of earth in the last 100 years

Humanity has come so far in the last 100 years. The technology we have developed in this short amount of time has been more important and progressive than any technology ever invented. Up until the 21st century, you could say that for every 100 years you looked back not a whole lot had changed.  I’m not saying there weren’t any changes, but to us 1700 and 1800, for example, look quite similar.  When we now look back at 1918, it looks like a whole different world.

There have also been some pretty crazy and monumental events that have happened in the last 100 years that have changed how the world looks today.

Imagine someone had been in a coma for the last 100 years, or there body had been frozen and they have just now been found. I’m going to try to quickly sum up some of the key events of the last century.

  • Germany lost World War 1
  • There have been over 20 more wars around the world since 1918
  • A man called Hitler became leader of Germany and started World War 2, then lost that one too
  • During World War 2 Hitler decided he wanted to commit genocide and wipe out the Jewish people. They killed over 6 millions Jews.
  • USA nearly went to war with Russia in the Cold War
  • USA had a war in Vietnam and lost.
  • UK and USA went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • We made nuclear bombs
  • America dropped new nuclear bombs on Japan in World War 2
  • The population has probably quadrupled
  • Over 100 countries have been formed and/or have gained independence
  • Women can now vote in a lot of countries
  • There was a great depression in 1928 that crippled economies around the world
  • Another huge financial crisis happened in 2008
  • There have been 17 different presidents in the USA and 18 different prime ministers
  • Black civil rights movement took place
  • Barack Obama became the first black president of USA
  • Germany built the Berlin wall to split the country, then knocked it down
  • We built the fastest passenger flight ever called the Concorde, then stopped using them
  • Cars have become so popular that almost everyone has one now
  • Aeroplanes are used thousands of times a day worldwide to take people around the world
  • There have been hundreds of thousands of movies made
  • There have been millions of TV episodes made
  • We invented compact cassette tapes (which not many people use anymore)
  • We invented video tapes (which not many people use anymore)
  • We invented mobile phones
  • We invented the internet
  • We invented computers
  • We invented robots
  • We invented television
  • We went into space
  • We landed on the moon
  • We have space probes millions of miles away from earth
  • We are close to landing on Mars
  • We have invented so many vaccinations and drugs
  • We invented microwaves
  • We invented CD’s
  • We invented video games consoles
  • We invented digital cameras
  • Physical cash is not that common since the invention of the debit/credit cards and online banking. Sometimes all you have to do to pay for something is tap your card on a card machine
  • Sporting events are incredibly popular and are watched around the world
  • Some people can run 100 metres in under 10 seconds
  • Some people can run 1 mile in under 4 minutes
  • £1 then is worth around £41 now
  • Oh and we invented sliced bread

I have undoubtedly missed some events of the 20th century that have helped shape the world to what it is today, so let us know which ones we have missed and we may just include them in a separate post. Thank you for reading! Please share this with your friends.




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