Why you should adopt a dog instead of buying one

When you’re looking for a new puppy, the first place you’ll probably look is for people selling them. But why? Don’t get me wrong I can understand the appeal of buying a puppy from a breeder, but I think what a lot of people forget is there are so many helpless dogs sat in shelters waiting for a new owner. If they do not find one then they are just sat waiting to be put down. I understand there are a few situations where getting dog from a shelter would not be ideal, especially if you have young children, but here are a few reasons that I personally believe adopting a dog from a shelter is more appropriate:

  • You are saving a life (or lives):
    If you adopt a puppy you are going to stop one (or more) less dogs from being put down.


  • You are helping to stop puppy mills:
    Puppy mills are where dogs are continually breed to produce puppies, these dogs and puppies are then kept in shocking, tight and unhygienic conditions. If everyone stops buying puppies from puppy mills and start to adopt dogs from shelter; then these places will make less money and eventually close down.


  • They are much cheaper:
    Adopting a dog is much cheaper than buying a brand new dog, and yet you still get exactly what you want, whether that be a loving companion, a family pet or a watchdog, any dog from a shelter can do the job as well as any puppy from a breeder.


  • You are helping the problem of pet overpopulation and homelessness:
    There are so many dogs in shelters that they don’t always have the room to take in more dogs. If people started to get dogs from shelters then more dogs would be able to be taken off the streets and, if everyone did this, then eventually we would be able to get the majority of, if not all, dogs off the streets.


  • Many of them are already house trained:
    You also find that many dogs in shelters have in fact already been house-trained, due to them having previous owners. This can be a huge help if you don’t have the time to train a brand new puppy and can just be much more convenient in general.


  • People may follow your footsteps:
    By getting a dog or just a pet in general from a shelter, many people may ask you why. You can then tell them your opinion on why you think it is better for people to get animals from shelters. Close friends and relatives, even people you don’t know  very well may follow your example.

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