25 most beautiful dogs

I’ve met very few people who don’t like dogs, and to be honest with you those people scare me. Like how can you not love the fluffers that roam our earth. Here is my pick for the top 25 most beautiful dogs:

  1. Shih tzuimage-c.jpeg
  2. Labradorimage1
  3. Golden RetrieverUntitled Design.png
  4. HuskyUntitled Design a.png
  5. Shiba inu  christal-yuen-57111-unsplash
  6. German Shepard pexels-photo-333083.jpeg
  7. Pugpexels-photo-316776.jpeg
  8. Pomsky pomsky
  9. Bichon friseanimal-251546_640
  10. Newfoundlanddog-1840127_640
  11. Alaskan Malamutealaskan-malamute-1533801_640
  12. Chow Chowpets-1287962_640
  13. Border Collieborder-collie-2189332_640
  14. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog-1611026_640
  15. Pomeranion puppy-2145278_640
  16. French Bulldogfrench-bulldog-2365684_640
  17. Staffordshire bull terrieranimal-2836993_640
  18. Great Danea-great-dane-in-the-snow-2973412_1280
  19. Australian Shepharddog-2743705_640
  20. Swedish LapphundSvensk_lapphund
  21. Icelandic SheepdogIcelandic_Sheepdog_Alisa_von_Lehenberg.jpg
  22. Corgicorgi-1594302_640
  23. Leonbergerleonberger-2238891_640
  24. Havanesehavanese-2780122_640
  25. Lhasa Apsoanimal-1103691_640



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