How to stop procrastinating and start studying

Many people find it difficult to get started with so many things that they need to do, but studying seems to be amongst the most procrastinated of them all. Here are our tips that will hopefully help you get started on the work that you need to get done in order to achieve the grades and goals you want to achieve

1. Remember the consequences if you don’t study

If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail. A lack of preparation means you probably won’t know everything you need to for the exam, or your coursework won’t be the best it can be. As a result you will likely get a lower grade than you are capable of, and you might even fail. Just keep in mind the things you can accomplish if you work hard and study. It might just help you get the career and future you desire.  

2. Make it a competition

Pick one or more people in your class or on your course and aim to get a higher grade than them, but don’t tell them about it and keep it to yourself. This could help you focus and get your work done so you can get the best grade you can get. Everyone wants to be top of their class, right? However if you do not do better than some people, don’t put yourself down for it. It is all about you trying your very best and achieving the best grade you can achieve. Also, as I said before, don’t tell other people about your “competition” and don’t go bragging if you come out on top – it’s all about trying to improve yourself, not bringing others down.

3. It won’t last forever

Remember that you just have to push through these few weeks or months and then these exams are done forever! (Unless of course you have exams next year, but at least you have a while before you need to think about them). A trick I sometimes use is to think about “future me”. Whenever I don’t want to do something, I like to think about how “future me” will be so appreciative of “past me” for make his life better and easier.

4. Eliminate distractions

If you find yourself on social media all the time, playing games on your phone, talking to friends etc. then do your best to get rid of these distractions. You could put your phone in another room, or get someone to look after it until you have done the work you needed to do. This will mean you are much more likely to get your work done and will be more likely to concentrate and focus on your work. You could even try an app like Flipd which can lock your phone for a specific time, removing the temptation.

5. Give yourself a reward as an incentive

Incentives work extremely well at making people get their work done. By providing yourself with an incentive you may find yourself more motivated and less likely to procrastinate as you will want your incentive as soon as possible. The incentive could be something along the lines of you getting your phone back, getting some chocolate or some other food, or letting yourself a night out once you have finished your work.

I hope these tips prove to be useful and help you stop procrastinating and start studying. If you have any more tips we would love to hear about them in the comments, or send us an email.



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