11 more easy ways to save money

Before we begin, if you haven’t already, go check out our post “5 easy ways to save money”

We all love finding new ways to save money, especially us students. In today’s post I will be telling about 11 more easy ways in which you can save yourself some money. So let’s dive in:

1. Buy a hair cutting kit and stop going to the hairdressers

This one might not be for everyone, but if you have a friend you can trust then why not go out and buy yourself a hair cutting kit, then you and your friend can cut each others hair. If your haircut usually costs you £10 and you go once a month, then you could save up to £120 a year (not including cost of the hair cutting kit). Don’t forget to split the bill with your friend as well!

2. Set a timer for your showers

Instead of getting carried away and spending way too long singing and washing yourself in the shower, set a timer to save yourself some money on those hot water bills.

3. Get a flask 

If you buy a flask then you’ll be able to fill it up with whatever drink you want whether it be water, tea, coffee, squash etc. Take it out with you for the day and this will save you from buying those expensive drinks when you’re out and about and feeling thirsty.

4. Make some pack lunches

Save yourself from buying those £3-£5 meal deals every day by just buying the stuff you need to make yourself some sandwiches and buying multi-packs of crisps and drinks or whatever you like really. You could probably save yourself £5-£15 a week.

5. Use energy saving light bulbs 

Energy saving light bulbs aren’t as good as other light bulbs, but they last a hell of a lot longer, meaning you could save yourself a lot of money on replacement bulbs.

6. Shop at charity shops

Instead of buying from big brands, go check out some charity shops and see if you can find yourself any hidden gems. You might end up saving yourself £10’s if not £100’s a year.

7. Use discount sites/apps

If you do decide to keep on shopping at big brands, then make sure you’re using a discount site so that you can save with huge discounts. A great site to use if you are a student is UNiDAYS, where you can find discounts on ASOS, Topshop, New Look, Nike, MyProtein and so many more! Sign up here.

8. Save takeaway sauces and dips 

When you have yourself a takeaway, if there are any unused sauces or dips make sure you save them, that way you won’t have to buy them from the shop as often.

9. Avoid grocery shopping when hungry 

When you do your weekly food shopping, try to avoid doing it when you’re hungry otherwise you could end up buying yourself all kinds of snacks and foods that you might not even end up eating anyway.

10. Buy frozen veg

Instead of buying fresh vegetables, get the frozen stuff. It’s a lot cheaper and most of the time you won’t even be able to tell the difference.

11. Make use of “gone off” fruit

If you leave fruit too long it can go bruised and brown. If this happens, don’t just throw it away, make a smoothie with it or blend it up and make some banana pancakes. Get creative!

Make use of one, a few or even all of these methods and let us know if they work for you. If you have any other ideas, please let us know.










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