How some women are contradictory on feminism

There is a continuous imbalance between the equality of men and women. Movements like feminism are continually fighting for equal pay, roles, opportunities etc. and have made a huge difference especially in the last 100 years.

However, the one thing you find gets ignored quite often is how some women (not all women) try to use and play both sides of being an independent woman and being dependent on a man. Some of these women;

  • expect an equal pay but expect the man to pay for dates
  • want a driving licence and a car but expect to be driven around by her personal taxi driver
  • expect a man to have the perfect, socially accepted body but gets infuriated as her body should not be constructed to social norms.
  • doesn’t want to be a housewife but thinks men should be at work not at home with the kids, cooking and cleaning.

I personally find that it is quite insulting that many women act like this after all the protests and battles women have had to go through to get where they are in today’s society. It is also insulting that many men (not all men) in today’s society expect women to be dependent, weak and held to unrealistic standards as well.

It is insulting for men to be put into a socially constructed role in this day and age when that’s exactly what the feminists and non-misogynistic people of the world have been fighting for, for both men and women. I personally find that it is time for some women to stop playing both sides of the coin, as we will never get full equality if the few women who do play both sides continue to do this, and it is time for men to let go of old-fashioned and out of date views on women and how they are expected to be.


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