Top 9 tips to keep yourself cool in the heat

Spring is finally upon us! It seems like an age since spring actually began at the end of March. In fact it hasn’t even felt like spring in the slightest. The weather has been horrendous for almost 4 months at the start of this year but now we can celebrate in the sun (until the thunderstorms arrive). One of the worst things about the heat is when it gets too hot (which is anything above 20 degrees Celsius if you’re British) and trying to keep yourself cool. We Brits like to complain about the heat, so here are our top 9 cheap tips for keeping yourself cool when it does get too hot, wherever you are:

1. Make a fan 

Not an electrical fan, but something easy to make like a paper fan. Just fold a piece of paper a few times and use it to fan yourself. It can be quite an effective way to cool yourself down. Don’t just use your hand and don’t fan the paper too hard because the more energy you use the more you will heat up as a result.

2. Close those curtains 

If the sun is shining and you’re indoors keep the curtains closed if you’re looking to cool down. When the sun shines through the window it can really heat up the room.

3.  Keep the doors open

In order for the air to circulate around your house, the doors need to be open. Open as many as you can around the house in order for the air to get around so it doesn’t feel as stuffy in there. Closed doors will just mean that all that hot air gets trapped in one room and soon it will feel like a sauna. As well as the doors, open some windows.

4. Dab warm areas with cold water

When you start heating up and getting all sweaty the best remedy to cool those warm areas of your body is to dab some cold water on those areas. The best areas to dab are usually the armpits, behind the knees, your forehead and the back of your neck. As an alternative to cold water you could use some ice cubes.

5. Wet some clothes

If you are just sitting around the house, get some socks or a headband, wet them with cold water then put them on. This can be really effective in keeping you cool. Make sure you wring them out before wearing them – you don’t want them to be absolutely soaking wet otherwise you’ll be trailing water all over the house and they will just be uncomfortable to wear.

6. Place a cup of ice in front of your fan 

If you have an electrical fan, then try placing a cup of ice cubs in front of the fan. Ice cubes cool the surrounding air, so if you place a cup of ice in front of the fan then it will be blowing some lovely cold air in your direction instead of just blowing all the hot air at you.

7. Lie on the floor 

Now this one is a long shot, but science tells us that heat rises, so if you’re getting too hot try laying on the floor for a little while. The floor isn’t the most comfortable place but it’s lower then where you are (unless you’re already laid down there for whatever reason) so it will probably be a bit cooler. Also, if you’re upstairs, try going downstairs as it might be cooler down there.

Oh and make sure you do this inside. You might look a bit odd laying on the floor outside and it probably won’t work outside anyway.

8. Wear light clothes

When you get out of bed make sure you’re not wearing anything dark unless you enjoy sweating. Dark clothes absorb heat so you will quickly find your temperature rising unless you wear something light coloured, which reflects the heat instead.

9. Wear loose clothing

As well as ensuring your clothes are light coloured, wear something loose. You don’t want to be walking around in tight jeans or tops just to find them sticking to you because of all that sweat. Loose clothing will allow a bit of airflow so that the heat doesn’t get trapped.

If you do give these methods a try let us know if they work out for you, and let us know if you have any other suggestions.


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