6 easy ways to motivate yourself in a morning

So many people struggle to wake up in a morning with a winning attitude. Motivation is essential every day, because without motivation how are you going to achieve anything? It is important to try and find something that will drive and inspire you to new heights during the day. If you don’t motivate yourself in the morning, you’re unlikely to find motivation at any other point during the day, so start as you mean to go on! Here are 6 ways in which you can give yourself that push in a morning:

1. Motivational Music

Everyone loves music don’t they? Well even if you don’t, or if you are a music lover, then give this a go; as soon as you wake up, put on your headphones, connect to your speaker, or turn your CD player on (if these even exist anymore) and play that music loud. Find yourself some music that speaks to you in a morning, something that gets you dancing and singing, something that you can relate to and inspires you to achieve whatever you want to. My go-to song is “Hold On, I’m Comin'” by Sam & Dave.

2. Inspirational Quotes

A lot of people have a quote that they love to hear every now and again. Why not go one further and get it on a poster so you can see your favourite inspiring quote every morning? Quotes have the ability to change our moods entirely sometimes, so find yourself one that you love and that you know can prepare you mentally for any challenges that are thrown your way.

3. Set yourself a goal for the day (and a reward for achieving it) 

Before you get out of bed or before you step out the door, think about what you have planned and think of what you want to have achieved by the time you go back to bed later that night. Your goal could be anything. It could be lifting heavier weights at the gym or it could be making progress on your essay, amongst other things. Sometimes setting a goal isn’t enough, you need an incentive to reach it. Set some money aside to buy some new clothes if you achieve it, or buy some chocolate, give it to a friend to look after and ask them to only give it to you if you achieve your goal. Setting yourself a goal or a target might help you work harder throughout the day to achieve it.

4. Try something new

This could be your second goal for the day if you like, but every day you should plan to try something new. It doesn’t have to be something huge like going skydiving, it can be something small like trying new food or speaking to someone new. Whatever it is, the prospect of trying something new can help you get motivated, and once you’ve tried a few new things, you’ll be further motivated as the days go by.

5. Change your alarm

One of the best things I ever did was change my wake up alarm. I was so sick of the loud, droning siren going off next to my head every morning that I had to change it. You could change your alarm to the motivation music we spoke about earlier, or it could be something a bit more calming. Try some classical music or something peaceful to keep you calm when you wake up. Booming noises first thing in the morning every morning are enough to ruin anyone’s mood. Play around with a few of them, see which ones make you feel most awake in a morning.

6. Do some morning exercises 

As soon as you wake up, get the blood flowing by doing push ups, some sit ups or just some star jumps. This will really wake up and you’ll be ready for the day ahead and you’ll be full of energy. It’s so easy to wake up, hit the snooze button and go right back to sleep, but if you force yourself to do some exercise you should find yourself wide awake.

So those are my top 6 picks for finding motivation in a morning, or any time in the day for that matter. If you’re struggling for inspiration, try them all, or try a few, whatever works for you. Let me know if you have any other ideas for motivation.


5 thoughts on “6 easy ways to motivate yourself in a morning

  1. AC Art of Food says:

    I did #5 and it literally changed my entire wake-up mood in the morning!! I don’t see how people take the traditional alarm clock buzzer😫! Great post!

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