Our 3 most important things about studying

In this article we will be telling you about our preferences when it comes to studying. Bear in mind that we do not always agree on what is the best way to go about studying, and some of you may not like our methods at all. Everyone can have their own way of studying – it is all about how YOU work best and most productively. Here are our opinions on what we think are the 3 most important factors concerning our productivity when studying:

Where you work

Evan’s way: I prefer to do my studying at home, whether it be in the living room (if no one is home to distract me), at my desk or on my bed. I like to stay in a comfortable environment and I also prefer to work alone; that way there are less distractions from my friends. At home there is everything I need and the kitchen isn’t too far away if I get hungry. My favourite reason for working at home is that I can put my phone far away from me so that I don’t get distracted by it. Having a work space where I do all my studying helps me feel organised and I get more work done that way than if I was at a library.

Amber’s way: I also prefer to do my studying at home and at a desk, generally in a well lit room with no televisions on and my phone away to one side. As personally I find it much less distracting, and I’m much less likely to nap (I’m very prone to napping). Whilst we both like working at home, if that’s not for you then try working at a library or in a classroom, maybe you’ll work better there.

Taking Breaks

Amber’s way: I find that studying for 45 minutes and having a 15 minute break makes me more productive. I don’t like working for shorter periods of time as I don’t feel like I can accomplish much in such short periods. I don’t go for longer breaks as I get hungry really quickly and end up thinking about what I’m having for dinner rather than my work. That’s why I set a timer to make sure that I don’t get carried away and end up spending twice as much time on my breaks than I do studying. 

Evan’s way: I like to stick to a schedule of 20 minutes on, 10 minutes off. I study for 20 minutes then take a 10 minute break. Working for more than 20 minutes usually makes my mind wander so I don’t take in as much information as usual. When you’re studying, try different methods and take different breaks, then decide for yourself which way you work most efficiently.

Music (or not)

Evan’s way: Some people find any kind of music to be a huge distraction, but I find that classical music is relaxing and helps with my stress especially if I’m working on something especially tricky. I have tried listening to songs that have lyrics and are more upbeat but I find that the words get stuck in my head and I can’t work as great. My favourite artist to listen to when I work is Ludovico Einaudi.

Amber’s way: Honestly, when i’m studying it depends on my mood whether I can concentrate with music playing in the background or if it just becomes a distraction. Personally I don’t mind what music I listen to because I generally just block it out, so it just makes a nice change to working in silence. If I don’t have any music on then I end up focusing on other noises both inside and outside the house, so the music is there to help me concentrate on my work. 


As we’ve mentioned throughout, each person is different and may have a method of studying which is completely different to someone else. There is no perfect way for you to study, and we are not saying that our own methods are better than anyone else’s;,they are just our own preferences. It is important to try different techniques and find the one which works best for you and gets you the best results.


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